We will meet soon ♥
fyi: I post pictures of other Asian countries as well (they are tagged)! Not just Japan & Korea

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My name is Sonja,
you can call me Sunny if you want

1Q95 / Germany


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Anonymous asked: Do you have like a guidebook on how to be cool like you? xD


that’s a typo right, you mean fool

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edwnx2 asked: I like how it's not the middle finger. It's like "fuck you" without being too vulgar.

ikr! it’s also a metaphor like, this year really sucked and i hate you, but it’s ok and i don’t hate you that much~

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Anonymous asked: If I ever see you in the streets, I'd put a ring on you. No lie. Ok. Huehuehuehue

that would be.. uhh.. maybe a little bit creepy? and I’d probably run away with the ring but well, thank you very much? lol

A coffee would be enough though ;’D

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Anonymous asked: Hi. I'm your fanboy, will you marry me? lol k bye

I-I’m sorry, I can’t! 

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Anonymous asked: really? my wife's name is Sonja.. well, we arnt married yet, we just met. :DDDD

i’ll give that an 8 out of 10 unicorns. 

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Anonymous asked: Hello, are you mild or originally spicy kimchi? 'cause you seem to be VERY HOT ;'DDD

☆ you tried suzie, you tried. 

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pinku-nezumi asked: I absolutely adore you blog! You make me wish I lived in Asia everyday~ I've always been your fangirl and I think 4 is enough for a fandom! Have a lovely day ^-^

Oh~ I’m glad to hear that haha C: 

asdfgh that’s so sweet! hmm.. now we only need a name for the fandom lol 

Thanks, you too! ♥

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epikchild asked: You have so many fanboys, can i be your fangirl?

[HYPERVENTILATES] yes ofc if you want, only if you want д

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thekaijusleeps asked: Two Things - 1. This is a very weird request, but could you make the ugliest face you can and then post it up? 2. I know you liked "Perks of Being a Wallflower" so I wanted to recommend two movies to you: Garden State and Safety Not Guaranteed. Garden State is a little more mature though. I think the rating for Germany would be FSK 16? Anyways, hope you like them! xD

whyyy OTL I’m really good at making ugly faces. Seriously! So good that no one would ever find me pretty again lol maybe i’ll post one someday but.. i’m not ready yet haha ;’D how about a ‘scary’ gif of me? 


always wanted to cosplay Sadako ^^

And thanks for the movies! watching them later c:

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Anonymous asked: Do you live in Japan or Korea?


/lol ok no srsly, this made me laugh ;’D 

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