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So this will be a short review of Brave store’s floral skirt (which is currently on a sale!) I know a lot of you are interested in Korean and/or Japanese fashion so I hope you’ll enjoy this review and if you do or want me to do more, please click on the heart or reblog! I’d appreciate it a lot ♥ 

Ok, let’s start!

Brave Store sent me the floral skirt in green, size S. I live in Germany and I think I received it after a week? Not sure.. but it was really fast!

I didn’t think it was necessary to photograph the package.. it was simply packed no bubble-wraps or whatsoever since it’s just a skirt ^^

It was shipped from China but has a Korean tag.

So the first thing I noticed is the deviation of color! (I thought they sent me the wrong color lol)

This is how it should look like:

and this is how it actually looks like: (well, not exactly, my cam made it look too white)

At first I thought the skirt was white but then I noticed that it is indeed green! It’s just that the color of the flowers are so intense and bright that I didn’t notice it right away. I was a little bit disappointed that it didn’t look the same, I guess that would be a - 

But regardless of the color I must say, the quality is quite good! The fabric is really soft and it didn’t have any smell. I did find 2-3 loose threads though but nothing too serious c:

There’s also a green see-trough cloth under the skirt which makes it a bit more fluffier :D

So that’s how it’s supposed to look:

How it looks on me:



Color: 2/5 (but I still love how it looks!)

Quality: 4,5/5

Comfort: 5/5

Shipment: 5/5 

All in all I loved wearing this skirt! (wore it in Italy all the time ;D ) It’s totally cute and perfect for summer! And even if summer is almost over.. I’m gonna wear it anyways ;p


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