We will meet soon ♥
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My name is Sonja,
you can call me Sunny if you want

1Q95 / Germany


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jinxy-jinx said: I’m like ‘And there is this girl on tumblr who showed tumblr to me and she’s so cute and sometimes I talk to her on FB and I want to be friends with her!’ haha xD i don’t even know why, it’s not like anyone asked, I just wanted to tell them.. xD

Awn that’s too cute ;A; we’re already friends tho! it’s really sad that you don’t live close to me ;c but feel my love~♥ /le hugs/

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  1. sassy-noona said: Yes, it’s such a pitty ): And at the end of 2013 I will live in hamburg, thats even further ;__; We need to meet someday if we have the opportunity >o< | mwah, ur so lovely ;__; -hugs-
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