We will meet soon ♥
fyi: I post pictures of other Asian countries as well (they are tagged)! Not just Japan & Korea

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My name is Sonja,
you can call me Sunny if you want

1Q95 / Germany


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trainsition asked: I just wanted to say thank you for your lovely posts because I think you are a pretty person both inside and outside (^ㅅ^) and you deserve this kind of messages. Btw you taught so many great flickr users -sobs- I would like to make this confession anon ^_^' but anyway keep up posting. Hugs & loves (^♡^)//ヾ

oh why~ awn.. that’s so cute! Thank yous! ;A; ♥

haha~ you’re welcome I guess? ^-^

why? ;o this was such a nice message~ you don’t have to be anon for that C: /hugs/

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