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Anonymous asked: Do you like Japan & Korea more than your own country? ;)

hmm, yes, I think so. 

Well, I’ve never visited Berlin or Hamburg.. and I think living there would be so awesome~ but I find Japan and Korea more interesting. And even if I haven’t visited Berlin yet, I think Tokyo is much more beautiful and exciting! And I’m sure It’s the same with Seoul. Germany is not bad but I don’t think I could live here forever ;s

I appreciate the German system tho ^^

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  1. yglobal said: I’ve been in Berlin twice, it’s boring. There are some nice places but it’s not comparable with Tokyo because it simply misses the culture… german culture is extremely boring. Hamburg is beautiful [I study there] but asia is a lot more interesting.
  2. milky-honey said: hamburg is awesomeeeeee but I don’t think it compares to seoul or tokyo
  3. cillymonkey said: Man. I just moved to Germany and its sooooo different than back home in the U.S. The recycling thing is a great idea!
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