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Anonymous asked: Does anyone in real life know of your passion for Japan and korea? do people find it weird? I love their cultures and when I tell family or friends I get weird looks..;.;

Yes. Everyone lol. 

And yes, they do ^^’ not everyone but .. 80% ;’D

e.g. I’m in a new school, that means new class and new people. We had to introduce ourselves in every subject. They asked about hobbies and what we do in our free time etc. So when it was my turn I said “I like listening to Korean music and I also love Japanese and Korean and the countries in general.” (I’m straight forward when it comes to this since it’s kinda.. a part of me^^) and then people asked me why and I told them “‘cause they are beautiful” and then there was a short pause and they were giving me weird looks and then they asked “Do you like asian boys???” lol .. and then they found out that I love asian boys lawl and they were all like “wtf. why” etc etc. It’s always like that~ ^^’

now they still find it weird but also interesting and ..

you know what, actually i don’t care, at all! ;’D I do get a lot of weird looks and stupid patters but most of the kids here are  ignorant and rude and just simply stupid when it comes to liking Japan (Korea not really but yea) so I just ignore them, even if they say “but they look all the same.” and “China, Japan, Korea, all the same” and “Chinese, Japanese, Korean, all the same” and “Asians are ugly” and I just want to reply “YOU BITCH THAT’S FUCKING RUDE!” 

ah god~ I just heard this too often in the past 2 weeks ;’D /sigh/ And even if I don’t care that they find it weird that I like those countries it still makes me angry what they say about them and asians~ ><

I feel better now tho XD

was that random? idek. lol OTL

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  1. myholdinghands said: Same -_- That’s how it used to be in high school. But I showed them. I married a Korean guy. ^_^
  2. pixcelles said: OMFG SUNNY YOU ARE THE BEST<333 iluuu
  3. hylerie-hera said: I get the same sort of thing all the time. My love for Korean Culture, music, movies, tv shows, and men…. It gets people all worked up. And God forbid i tell them my plans of moving to South Korea… Total chaos. But i dont care anymore. :)
  4. imaginativeninja said: ugh I understand… but trust me once you get to college you wont feel so weird. I used to put NEWS posters up in my locker and I got made fun of… but now that I’m in a more diverse environment, i have a lot of supportive friends.
  5. dwindlin said: people judging you based on what you like and finding it weird piss me off. i hate judgemental people. otl