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Anonymous asked: Have you ever been Japan or korea? If you have how was it? I'm just asking because I love both these counties and I really want to go there so I would to know how was your time there?

only to Tokyo once~ 

It was awesome! More than awesome~ it was just like how I’ve imagined it~ but 10 days was def. not enough ;A; next time when I visit Japan, it will be longer and I’ll bring more money lol ;’D

The only bad thing about the trip was that I couldn’t sleep at all >< The bed was so comfortable but I had a jetlag for 8 days or so D; and after walking 11 hours everyday it would’ve been really really great to sleep at least 8 hours ;’D

but still, I enjoyed it very much there~ everything was just great ;A; the wait no, I found the ‘no photos’ signs etc very annoying! I guess I’d understand it when the Liz Liza shop doesn’t want ppl to take pics but even the roadside stalls? idk D; .. /secretly made tons of videos tho hohohoho/

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