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anatomforem asked: In your personal opinion, which is easier to learn: Japanese or Korean?

hmm I didn’t really learn Korean that much yet.. but I think Korean is easier to learn~ I had my problems with Hangul tho lol .. I personally find learning Hiragana and Katakana is much easier than Hangul >< you just have to memorize more but.. idk.. it’s easier to write..? ;s

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  1. shiiwen said: Learning to speak Japanese is easier, since the language is more fluid, in korean there is kind of tones :O By the way, some korean guy told me that even learning his home language he speaks was difficult. He learned japanese and he said it easier
  2. pinku-tokyo said: Japanese in my opinion because the grammar for a foreigner is a bit easier to learn and speak but the hangul is easier than kanji characters
  3. patheticempathy said: The Hangul is pretty easier to learn, they make a sense and there are not much ‘letters’; But I still think that Japanese is way easier to learn when we talk about vocabulary (since their structures are similar), at least I’m more used to Japanese :)
  4. ung0d said: Korean is easier to learn. I learned all of the writing in like 2 weeks, but I stopped going to class because I had works issues. Still, to learn the writing system, pronunciation, it was just much easier. Japanese is more difficult bcuz of Kanji
  5. shimchwang said: korean is also kind of finicky! like it maybe have a literal alphabet, but there are certain rules and the letters can sounds reaaaaaally similar :( i found japanese easier to learn!
  6. christinaslikes said: from what i’ve heard korean is harder than japanese. but i have been learning korean for about 2 years, and i am ok at it… i think the good thing about korean is no kanji! =) but they are structurally very similar languages.
  7. tokyo-prince said: Well me for my part I heard that Korean is way more difficult than Japanese because Korean is one of the hardest languages to learn in the world. I think it was ranked 3, rank 1 was Finnish and I think 5 was Chinese, Japanese is easier I heard lol
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