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lovezukkyun asked: Do you know that Korea is disliked around the world??? You do not know the Korean history too. I want you to study looking for documents. They are the same as a pest. You must not be deceived.  Your Tumblr GIVES MISUNDERSTANDING to a foreigner knowing nothing!!!

are you serious?



You’re Japanese right?

So. Japan is innocent? lol I don’t think so. Like Japan, I think every other country on this world has a bad history. 

I’m German btw. There’s nothing worse than what we did in the past. 

Stop being so ignorant and full of hate >< 

I actually wanted to write a really, really long text but .. I guess it won’t change your mind anyways so I’m not gonna waste my time with this.

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  1. smoogler said: Every country has their bad points, and there’s no denying it. But you don’t need to bring it up like its a current problem, because it’s not. All of that really bad stuff happened in the past.
  2. macabre-orchid said: ….Holy cheesus. -.-” It’s people like that that makes me want to go on a smacking spree, slapping the heads off ignoramuses. X
  3. dream-highfly-high said: thats so rude? O.o a blog is for someones opinions and thoughts, they dont have to be the same as yours~ and if you dont like her blog, go read someone elses? its not like shes forcing you to read it! i think her blog is inspirational and fantastic^^
  4. sandwich-maker-chronicles said: Lol…I have a friend whose girlfriend is a native Japanese and he told me that she doesn’t even know the clear Japanese history because they don’t teach their new generation what their own country has done wrong to keep their image clean.
  5. sakura-mori said: excuse me? Disliked around the world? No. North Korea is disliked by many countries, but not South Korea. It seems you are unable to distinguish between North and South Korea, 575773.
  6. cookiesncremecoveredutters said: Maybe she only means North Korea and all it’s Communism. If not she is being really ignorant and just plain rude. You should ignore this lady and I am sorry this was said to such an awesome person like yourself. >:U I get mad in your stead.
  7. spooki-skin said: "Korea is disliked around the world" by what statistic and says WHOM? Bitch. Plz.
  8. chellykoi said: wow you’re amazing!