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My name is Sonja,
you can call me Sunny if you want

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sangtoms asked: do you have japanese friends? how did you meet them?

I just have 2 japanese friends and umm.. well it’s a bit complicated but.. ok here’s the story.

When I was on my way to the bus stop (in Germany) I saw two japanese women with their kids, chatting~ and I was like “I should ask them if one of them is a japanese teacher, maybe they can teach me” (lol) so I went up to one of the women and asked her if she was a japanese teacher and she was like “Oh, yes. I am! why do you ask?” so I told her I want to learn japanese and I’m searching for a teacher etc. etc. and she said that she’s only teaching in the morning when I have school and the other woman said that she’s a japanese teacher as well but she’s pregnant so she can’t teach me as well.. so they asked me for my mobile number ‘cause they wanted to find me someone (ugh so kind ;A;) and she added me on FB and said I should add her friend, who lives in Japan. She didn’t really find anyone for me tho, ‘cause they all have their japanese classes when I have school.. but she said her friend would help me with japanese if I have questions. 

yea.. and when I wrote on FB that I would visit Tokyo soon her friend wrote me and said that we should meet. So we met in Tokyo and she brought her friend as well. and.. yea. That’s how I met them.. They all love Germany and stuff and their English is pretty good.. They’re not in my age but it was so nice talking to them >< 

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  1. panda-anime said: That is so nice…lucky u ^^
  2. dwindlin said: wow you’re so lucky!!! ;_____; now you can get one step closer to learning japanese! so glad you talked to them! aww japanese people are so friendly
  3. moogle-kupo said: That’s freaking amazing! o_o
  4. muri-muri said: you should try japan-guide.com! it’s great for finding pen-friends^^
  5. drupahti said: You’ve got balls yo