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My name is Sonja,
you can call me Sunny if you want

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Anonymous asked: hi, sorry to bother you! just stumbled upon your conversation with the anon about shoe sizes. tbqh i use 40 EU ((yes i know giant feet is giant ;o;)) does that mean that i probably can't find any shoes to fit? i really don't hope so cause i'm planning coughmorelikedreamingcough on living in japan or atleast staying there for a long time in the future OTL

xD nah it’s ok ;D 

hmm yes I think so ;s LL is the biggest size and that’s 39 EU ^^” 

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  1. chaotic-isntit said: idk if this helps, but i’m size 40 too and when i went to taipei the only shoes that fit me were flip flops..:(
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