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fyi: I post pictures of other Asian countries as well (they are tagged)! Not just Japan & Korea

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My name is Sonja,
you can call me Sunny if you want

1Q95 / Germany


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Anonymous asked: helloooow c: Just wonderingg, how do you do your eye makeup and what do you use ^-^? I think you're super pretty and I love your blog <3 SO JELLY THAT YOU'RE GOING TO JAPAN BTW. Have fun c:

hellow ;3

I basically just use eyeliner and sometimes a pink shimmer eyeshadow from Lioele ._. it’s re~~~~ally simple and done in 2 minutes I think (sometimes I mess it up though and then it takes me 15 OTL) a lot of people ask me that so I promised to make a video.. since I’m so lazy I haven’t done it yet BUT after Japan I will totally do it!!! >< and thank yous! I’m not that pretty though ;’D 

Thanks ;D ♥

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