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My name is Sonja,
you can call me Sunny if you want

1Q95 / Germany


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So since I’ve reached 15.017 followers now, I think I have to make a giveaway too~ 

Thank you guys! Thanks for supporting me, thanks for helping me and thanks for being such awesome followers, I really love you all (: ♥

  • so what can you win?

A B2ST/B2UTY bracelet and a cute bear sweater in grey or yellow (which is onesize)

umm.. well.. if a boy wins,.. you can sell the sweater? or give it your gf? idk lol sorry OTL

  • Rules:

actually it’s for my followers.. so you do have to follow me.. but it would be fucking shit if you just follow me because of the giveaway and then unfollow me when it’s finished ><

but well, I guess I have to go through that lol

so yea, you have to follow me.

I ship worldwide (:

Reblog- idk you can reblog as much as you want, but don’t exaggerate it lol it will annoy your followers^^’

No giveaway blogs, you know what I mean.

winner will be chosen using random.org.

  • Giveaway ends: 30.11.2011

When the giveaway ends I will announce the winner and if you don’t msg me after 48 hours I will choose someone new (using random.org ofc)

Yes, that’s it (:


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