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fyi: I post pictures of other Asian countries as well (they are tagged)! Not just Japan & Korea

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My name is Sonja,
you can call me Sunny if you want

1Q95 / Germany


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People will never understand your sadness when they haven’t gone through the same situation as you. When they haven’t had those distressing thoughts you had. When they never felt that emptiness, that tiredness which won’t go away after a good night sleep, or two. When you cried so much, tears won’t even come out anymore. When you fear loneliness but you feel like a rock, too heavy to get off the bed. When you open your mouth and words get tangled, nothing makes sense anymore. When your feelings wash over you and you feel numb all of a sudden. When you think life won’t keep raining on you forever but it’s trying to drown you, again and again. Sometimes the “It will get better”s will only make it worse.
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branflakes418 asked: You post really cool pictures! They make me want to goto japan!!

save money!!! go to Japan!!! have fun!!! (((:

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areyouokae asked: hi just wanted to say that your blog is charming and the music is lovely

Thank you very much ♥

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